Woodmancote Wheelers Road Cycling Club

The Woodmancote Wheelers has been set up for a number of reasons, so have a read and see if any of these appeal to you (if none of them do, let us know why you think we should have set it up and we’ll see if we can help you find a reason to join):

First and foremost, having invested so much money in our Road Bikes and associated kit (we’re not far off keeping Wiggle going simply on our own), we thought it’d be sensible to help each other get maximum benefit out of our purchases by finding a way to get out on the bikes as regularly as possible, in all types of weather. So, a more formal club, with organised rides seemed like a sensible thing to do.

We achieve some decent average speeds (typical rides are an average of 16/18mph, 26/29kph), but we thought that if we could get more people along to ride with us, we might be able to benefit more regularly from drafting in our very own mini peloton, and go even faster. We haven’t found the way to make the hills around here any easier, other than just training more and whinging less, and possibly shedding a few pounds. The power of the group helps in many ways, both during the rides, but also as a really effective way of keeping motivation high in different ways for different members (Strava is a great example), so the more the merrier!

We also thought that we see lots of other lone riders in and around many of the various routes we ride and we thought that other people might welcome an ‘on the doorstep’ club, that isn’t too serious about achieving amazing results in the cycling world, but is interested in adding some regular, sociable and structured (ish) activity that will help members with their personal fitness goals and improve riding speed and skill.

We have done some organised events over the last few years (sportives, charity rides and challenges) and we know that having a club makes entering things a lot easier for a number of reasons (social and practical) as well as helping with giving training a purpose. We’ve also found these events as an excellent source of ongoing, nostalgic musings whilst out on the rides, but even we’re getting a little bored with some of our own stories, so we wanted to make sure there were some new events on the horizon to help us improve the quality of our chat.

What to wear is always something of a struggle for some members of the group, so we thought some team kit would really help with the early morning decision making. We know wearing Pro Team kit is a big no, no, for some, unless you happen to ride for a Pro Team, so the next best thing was to create our own club, where the qualification to wear the colours was simply a modest financial transaction! We think we’ve done an o.k. job with the design (although we’re not claiming to be worrying Stella McCartney just yet!), although you’ll be the judge of that as there’s always a danger the kit might be a deal-breaker when it comes to joining!

And that’s about it really. A group of people who go out on their road bikes quite regularly and wanted a bit more structure. If you think you’d enjoy the informal nature of the club and you’re keen to explore whether riding as part of a club will help you get more enjoyment out of riding your bike, then why not get in touch to find out more (before making the major life decision of parting with your joining fee!).