Getting the most from Club rides

The aim of the club rides is to promote social riding and embrace the fun of cycling with likeminded friends.

To help the club rides to be successful for everyone we are encouraging members to do the followings:

  1. Signup to club rides via the website in a timely manner so that the club captain can organise ride leaders and sweepers and any split groups should numbers exceed 12 riders;
  2. Download the route to your GPS device if you have one;
  3. Arrive ahead of the ride departure time;
  4. Ensure you have sufficient tools and tubes etc to complete roadside repairs;
  5. Carry sufficient drink and food for the duration of the ride;
  6. We encourage the wearing of club kit (weather dependant);
  7. In poor weather we encourage the use of mudguards;
  8. Bicycle lights should be fitted in poor light conditions and the rear light set to constant when group riding;

We also encourage you to review the Club Ride Etiquette page for details on group riding, signals and being safe on the road.

Enjoy the ride!