The Power of the Group…

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Almost a year into the existence of Woodmancote Wheelers and the membership is about to grow beyond 30 people, most of whom are getting out on club rides pretty regularly as part of their time on their bikes. We’ve done a winter and are nearly through a very windy spring and summer. Through the varied conditions and different club rides, the power of the group has really started to make a difference.

PR’s on Strava have been regularly tumbling. Average ride speeds have steadily increased, without really trying to achieve this. Hills have been climbed quicker and the group riding has improved so we can really benefit from the havingĀ our own mini peloton. Pounds have been shed (lots of them to Wiggle, but a decent number off the waist-lines too) and fitness levels have risen. Regular sportives, mini-sportives and completion of a pretty impressive list of events by various club members have really helped to keep a sense of achievement, as well as giving a focus for people to look forward to.

All of this taking part in some of the most stunning cycling countryside you could wish for. Whether it’s fast rolling, flat rides or challenging, hilly routes, we can take our pick and pretty much know that wherever else we choose to go and ride, there will be little to worry us.

So far, so good for Woodmancote Wheelers and no doubt membership will continue to grow and the power of the group will keep paying back for all members, current or future. Are you in?

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