Ride for Ryder Leckhampton

I was out on a light spin one day and bumped into an old friend who made me aware of the charity event for Sue Ryder in July:

Ride for Ryder Leckhampton

  • Date: 12 July 2015
  • Location: Burley Fields, Church Lane, Leckhampton GL51 4XT

With a reasonable entry fee I registered with the intention of completing 2 laps of a 35 mile route, 70 in total and a nice little training ride for a 100 mile ride I have coming up in August – Ride London. Setting off on the day it was a bit drizzly and a little windy but it was forecast to brighten up later in the day although the wind wasn’t going to ease off!


Now, I was expecting to ride this route alone as a lone Wheeler or billy no mates as I like to call it, but shortly after registration I bumped into a fellow Woodmancote Wheeler, Mr Alex Claridge who’d stepped in to fill the boots of another rider in the Knight Frank team (sponsors of the event). Alex asked if I’d like to join them, I gladly accepted knowing that Alex is a seasoned rider and they would all probably drag me along nicely! The pace was fast at times and my plan kind of worked on the whole until we hit The Little Fxxxxr … it get’s me every time but I soon caught them up again as they eased up the pace a little. On to the finish and a welcome cuppa (cheers Alex) and that was the first lap done!

After a 20 min rest it was time to crack-on with the 2nd lap. Shortly after starting off again, alone this time, I caught up with a chap called Will from Stroud and asked if he was on the 2nd lap of the same ride, he was so I asked him if he’d like some company, he did and so off we went! This lap was a somewhat welcome lighter pace, there was no way I could maintain the pace of the first lap without the Knight Frank team! Along with the wind this lap was a little bit wetter with the rain than the first but it wasn’t unpleasant given the humid temperatures. I split with Will at The Little Fxxxxr but not because of the climb this time, I stopped for some refreshment at the Red Lion, a popular spot by the river Severn for all the riders today! And no I didn’t sneak in a pint, well I did but it wasn’t lager or cider, just an ice cold orange and soda which was very refreshing at the time as the blazing sun had decided to blister up shortly before we arrived there.


So I set off again and tackled The Little Fxxxxr at a reasonable pace this time …my own! I was off again to the finish! With about 5 miles to go I noticed a regular pulsing bump under my butt through my saddle, no facetious comments there please! Suspecting I might have a puncture I stopped to check the back wheel and noticed 2 bald patches with the inner tube bulging out of the tyre! Now I’m thinking I’ll just spin to finish with fingers crossed I won’t get a blow out. Two miles to go and guess what happened next >< hardly surprising really considering I had 120 psi in the back wheel! With about a mile and a half to go I changed the inner tube and pumped it to about 60 psi in the hope that would be less likely to blow before the finish, fortunately it was at the this point my old mate who told me about the event in the first place passed by and stopped to lend a helping hand. We cruised to the finish, had a cup of tea and picked up our medals, job done!


It was a great ride and not as billy no mates as I was expecting… I will definitely be doing this again next year if I can! Oh and as a bonus I managed to raise over £200 for Sue Ryder so thank you all so much for your donations.

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