Our old rides…

Elliott has done a superb job of getting all of our old rides and routes in one place. There’s a mix of our 20 mile and 30 mile routes that we use for Wednesday evening and Sunday morning rides. You’ll also find some of the rides have a slightly longer option, with a chance to easily turn the ride into a 30 mile route too. Rides tend to be either flat spinning rides, moderate climbing (15o0ft ish over 30 miles), and more challenging (up to 3200 ft over 30 miles). The 20 mile rides tend to have less elevation, but there are a few cheeky hilly ones thrown in there.

So, if you’re looking for inspiration for where to ride, check out our routes and less us know about any favourite ones via twitter! @woodmancotew … or any that you didn’t enjoy so much! We’ve not got any routes mapped that take us up our local beast of a climb on Bushscombe Lane, but feel free to come and add that to any of the rides!

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