• The Runway Rumble is starting to look a little light on numbers from a WWCC perspective, do we have club plan for those left or, is it just going to be lets hang onto the back of Dan’s team for as long as we can ! ?

    Symon Tomlinson posted an update 3 years, 5 months ago

    • I think @rachael-frost is keen to speak to @chris-shambrook about a plan. Looks like just the three of you from the Wheelers. @alex-claridge has also signed up, not sure if he is riding with mates?

      From what I understand about previous years the rumble starts as a large group which gradually breaks down to a number of smaller groups. Last year a group of 50 finished together.

      With 270 people starting together I think anyone is going to struggle to ride in formation until there are splits.

      Team totals are based on the four furthest distances within each team; however the basis is still individual distance.

      I am looking forward to the event; I hope it will be a bit different and a personal challenge.

      • Thanks Dan, hopefully catch up with Chris and Rach before the event, it seems like we’ll struggle to post a team time with 3 amigos instead of 4 or more, but that doesn’t matter. See you there, should be interesting.

        • I’m not going to be riding either… really sore neck and two sore arms from typhoid/tetanus jabs yesterday… will really struggle to enjoy the ride feeling like this!

          • So the results are in…Symon came home in 17th place! Meanwhile I blew up after 62 miles (average 22.9mph) and dropped out…