• @anthony-hoyte @michael-woods @chris-shambrook @peter-orton @david-cook @paul-day @ryan-england @dan-frost Here is my rest day report from the Giro…

    Squadra Antonio still lead the rankings by 98 points from Random Rouleurs, who are only 2 points ahead of the Shed Brewers. There are only 580 points between all teams with a long way to go…

    Stage 9
    Squadra Antonio, Shed Brewers and Cookies Giro Heroes all scored 90 points for Cancellara taking 4th in the TT, but alas the Swiss rider announced he was abandoning the Giro after the stage so enjoy chaps as he won’t be scoring any further points for you!

    ONE noPRO Cycling picked up the best result of the day with Matthias Brandle making the podium in second place for the TT – scoring 120 much needed points.

    Pre-stage favourite Dumoulin came in 15th scoring only 5 points for those who have him on their roster.

    All the other big name GC riders finished outside the the top 15 so did not score on stage 9. Nibali led them in with 19th, Landa 20th, Kruiswijk 21st and Valverde 22nd with 11 seconds splitting them. Of course teams will have picked up GC points for riders with Nibali, Landa, Valverde, Majka and Zakarin all improving on their GC position.

    Pietro Power and ONE noPRO must be ruing their decision to select Rigoberto Uran, as the former Columbian TT champion came in a disappointing 64th, over 2 minutes down on many of his GC rivals.

    Today is a rest day. Tomorrow’s stage 10 will be a medium mountain stage with a hilltop finish

    The list of retirees from the Wheelers league now stands as follows:

    Jean Christophe Peraud
    Boy Van Poppel
    Marcel Kittel
    Fabian Cancellara

    Most notable team to suffer is Cookies Giro (not so) Heroes who have now lost three riders.

    Fantastico Giro!

    Digger posted an update 4 years, 2 months ago

    • Thanks for the comprehensive report, Digger! As you say, a long way to go!

    • Thanks for the update Digger. Looks like I’ve got all my eggs in one basket with the shark.

      • I’m increasingly confident in my last place… with 5 riders in the top 20… looking forward to the second half come back!

        • Darn..another of my team abandons…I’m going to stick to real cycling going forward!

          • Doumoulin out as well now… so glad I changed him… I’m baking on being the only team with any riders left in 10 days time, so I’ll just win by default!

    • 6 of the 9 teams had Doumoulin on their roster so the impact of his abandon won’t have huge impact and not sure he was going to score too heavily from here on. Looks like ONE noPRO cycling are the only team with all riders still going…