• Great job to the team who organised the Newlands Park event. Was really good to see a lot of folks there and was great to be able to have a beer and food with the family. Lots of stuff went into organising the banners etc, so thanks for the team who did all that. Really appreciate it.

    With the banners still out for this morning’s cheltenham triathlon, it’ll be interesting to see if that, as well as yesterday attracts a few more members…

    Chris posted an update 2 years, 3 months ago

    • Yes, agree with this. I know there was a lot of consideration and effort that went into the day so thanks to all involved.
      Thought Cheltenham Rugby Club was a great venue as well. Loved the mixture of Rugby (my previous sport) and cycling. Throw in a few beers and lots of socialising and you’ve got a winning combination….