• 12 Weeks until the Club Tour… please let me know if there’s any particular kinds of Sunday rides you’d like scheduling to help with your preparation.
    Happy New Year.

    Chris posted an update 2 years, 11 months ago

    • @chris-shambrook, maybe a ride up Fish Hill could be included. I also think @david-townley was thinking of an excursion up the Tumble?

      Maybe over to the Malverns?

      • I’ll see what I can do… some slightly longer rides beckon

      • @chris-shambrook, @dan-frost, it was cookie who talked about a Tumble trip but not sure this works as a club ride – maybe a few tourists want to go and try on a different day… As for local climbs suitable for Mallorca training, I think the following work:
        – Fish Hill (3.5km with good simulation of tour climbs)
        – Stanway (3km only but perfect pitch to match typical tour climb)
        – A46 and Bulkholt from Brockworth (8km steady climb)
        – B4081 from Mickleton to Broadway Tower (9km mostly gentle climb with some pitches)
        Malverns also useful as you can do a circuit with a few climbs but choice of climb key as some are very steep and not representative of Mallorca.

    • @mike-tickle For the Mallorca trip the best advice I can give is to build stamina. A lot of programs target power output and strength but assuming your not planning an assault on the KOM up Sa Calobra, your best plan is to build endurance and stamina. The climbs are not excessively steep and can be tackled by riders who are used to our Cotswold territory. However, the climbs are much longer and you will be heading upwards for anywhere between 30-60 minutes for the bigger climbs – this requires stamina more than power. The best way to build stamina and endurance is time in the saddle doing some long rides. No special program – just get out and ride…

    • It was me who’d asked a few members if they’d be up for a trip to the Tumble, although we were considering a Saturday morning. I have mapped two circular routes, one from Usk and one from Monmouth.