• @david-townley How do you generate the Veloviewer full map profiles now? Is that a Pro option? I can’t see how to do it anymore…

    Chris posted an update 3 years, 7 months ago

    • Not sure if its a PRO only feature… however go to activities and then choose your activity – you should now see a profile of ride at top with 3D map below. You can then select a portion of the ride on the profile by clicking and dragging your mouse across the section of the ride you want. You can click on the £D map and spin it, tilt it, etc. Once you have what you want, you should see a red button to upper right of 3D image which says ‘Get image’ – click this and rest should be self explanatory on sizing. Once you have the size of image you want, you simply right click and save image. Here the lesson ends!