• Sunday rides… you may have noticed I’m planning ahead to have some decent hill challenges in the coming weeks, with a fairly steady flow of local ‘favourites’. Happy to take thoughts on this approach and whether I need more balance in there for with some flatter weeks to look forward to. I haven’t scheduled in Bushcombe yet, but would also be interested in thoughts about including it in a Sunday ride (certainly wouldn’t be the most direct route from Saffron Lounge!!).

    Chris posted an update 3 years, 8 months ago

    • I think in the past we have included one of the local climbs at the end of the club ride for those that are game! That seems to work well and gives everyone the option to participate.

    • I’d definitely be game for more hilly routes in the summer months while we can. They’re often more scenic as well as a good challenge. Good to retain a few flatter, faster routes as well, but would be happy if that was, eg, 1 in every 3. Will go with the flow anyway.

    • @chris-shambrook, the Sudely Straining ride on 15 May clashes with the BHF ride from the racecourse. I assume we are taking part in the BHF ride like last year?