• Hi everybody, I thought i’d Just update you on the CX Western league season. I’ve raced in the V40’s for the Wheelers very much mid table in what is to be fair a pretty competitive race. We’re still getting ex Olympians taking part but i’ve NOT been lapped all season which was my main target. 2 of my children have also raced, Daisy and Jonathan, although we don’t have a junior section I registered them as Wheelers and they have done a fine job representing us. Both had some epic battles with tears of determination and some proper close bike racing. Jonathan moved up to U14’s this year he’s 12 and at first found the racing really hard but stuck at it and ended up finishing 3rd in the league which is a great effort. He also competed in the Southern region championships and came 7th. Daisy is 10 and raced in the U12’s she was 2nd or 3rd in the league for much of the season but as the final weeks of the came by in the last but one round she moved into first place and held on to win the league this weekend. She also came second in the Southern regionals and had a race face stare we’d all be proud of. They have I think really represented the club well, winning or losing always shaking hands with others who’ve raced and congratulating everyone for what’s to be fair is a tough sport and thanking the commissioners from British Cycling the organisers.
    I’m their Dad I’m going to be proud but it also goes to show how much fun it can be to ride your bike compete and have fun.
    Alex Claridge

    Alex Claridge posted an update 10 months, 1 week ago