How one Wheeler fills the gap between work and wheeling

We have our very own Stava artist who between wheeling and work manages to create some amazing doodles! In fact, this Wheeler is now a prize winner and rightly so! Having spent many days over many miles to create these amusing pieces, as a club we think it’s well deserved. This Wheeler won first place in the┬áStrava art competition organised by the Bristol Cycle Festival for the piece called “Fowl Play”.

Well done Ant, we are proud to have you as a Wheeler but, we can’t decide if one of your doodles is a profile of Jimmy Hill, Bruce Forsyth with a flat top and sideburns or Steve Wright (in the afternoon)? Perhaps you could let us know. If you’d like to keep up to date with Ant and his doodling antics you can follow Ant on Strava.

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