Forget the Oscars…… the Suffershire Cycle Endurance ‘Knighthoods’ go to Symon Tomlinson & Jeremy Cooper!

Two worthy Woodmancote Wheelers have been awarded the title ‘Knights of Sufferlandria.’

knight shield

They spent Sunday cycling for 10 straight hours on static Wattbikes at Cheltenham’s Suffershire Indoor Cycling.

Product Description:

“There are those who know how to suffer. And there are those who do not know how to suffer.

There are those who look pain in the face and laugh. There are those who can’t look pain in the face because pain is too scared to look up from the pounding it’s getting.

Yes, there are Sufferlandrians. And then there are Knights of Sufferlandria.

To be awarded the highest honour accorded by the  Sufferlandrian Ministry of Madness, one must simply do 10 Sufferfest videos, back-to-back.”


WWCC Knights symon 2 jeremy 2 symon 1

The boys joined several others at the event, surrounded by salt pills, potions, water bottles and various forms of cycling ‘snackage.’

The intrepid duo surrendered their day of rest to put themselves through cycling torture.

Big respect to the fearless Wheelers who started at 8am and finished the event early evening after a long day in the saddle(s) – bit of seat swapping shenanigans observed when I was there.

To quote Symon following the ordeal, “I feel numb in a few places and my legs are shot to bits.”

Although his watt output dropped a little over the 10 hours Symon says he covered 172 miles – pretty impressive on a static bike!

Jeremy says he averaged 176 watts over the 10 hours and covered 264km.

Just as well they didn’t have to get down on one knee to receive their award!


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