A cold club ride to start the year!

Well the first club ride of the year was a bit foggy, wet to start then went on to become quite icy and treacherous at times especially when I slipped on some black ice going up Snowshill doing my poor impression of Christopher Dean as I splayed myself across the road! Fortunately I had a couple of concerned wheelers behind me to heal my damaged pride, one of them being the skipper Mik who I’m sure won’t let me forget about it in a hurry (let the banter begin).


After a drastic temperature change coming down Stanway Hill with numb fingers ‘n’ toes the group decided to split due to the conditions and commitments to get back home, Cookie and Digger continuing the ride over Cleeve with the rest of us going on to Gretton Fields.

Big thanks to Digger for planning the route, it’s a shame about the icy conditions as I was personally looking forward to taking on Snowshill, not quickly of course as I was the sweeper… well thats my excuse anyway! It was also good to have a potentially new member along to ride with us today, hope we haven’t put him off!

All in all a good ride… I think!



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