Alternative Sunday Rides

With time often at a premium, finding appropriate time to get out on the bike can be difficult, especially for those who have young families and other weekend commitments.

Running alongside timing, comes the challenge to provide variation in club rides that suit the wishes of members when they are able to get out on their bike.

The club recognises that it’s not possible to run a one size fits all club ride which will address the challenges of time and ride variation. As the club evolves with its membership, so should the options it offers for club ride participation.

At the last AGM and in subsequent communications, we have encouraged members to use the Member Ride functionality provided on the website. This is a unique and excellent facility which enables members to set up rides to suit both time and ride styles to suit their needs, allowing other members to join them. The functionality is open for all to use.

This summer members will have noticed the Member Ride facility being used to arrange regular Chain Gang rides on Tuesday evenings and an alternative Sunday morning ride for those who are seeking a more challenging ride leaving at an earlier time to avoid conflict with other commitments. Dan, Johnny, Oli and Symon have all been active arranging these rides and they have proved to be popular both with regular and occasional attendance from members.

In the meantime, the regular Sunday and Wednesday club rides have continued to run and remain well attended given the alternatives on offer. This demonstrates an engaged and active membership which is able to evolve its activities to suit riders wishes.

As a club we would like to build upon the current rides on offer and are considering the introduction of alternative club ride structure on Sundays. The idea being to enable all members to identify a ride which suits their requirements on any particular week, whether you are seeking a challenging ride, a shorter / easier paced ride, or something in between which would be the traditional club ride. It is important to understand that this bears no reflection on members ability and is simply to offer club membership more value in flexibility.

For now, we will continue to post the traditional club ride as it always has been, whilst those wishing to run the alternative options will post as Member Rides. Depending on take up of the alternatives, we may look to format club ride options in the future.

Please continue to look out for Member Ride notifications for Sunday mornings alongside the usual club ride and make the most of this added flexibility. You can also see the Member Rides on the members page of the website. Note members must be logged in to view the page.

The club expects that any Member Ride also adopts the principles as outlined in the club charter just as it would for club rides.

Broadly the alternative ride structure and timings are as follows:

  • Ride 1: Challenging ride with start time generally 7:45 – 8:00 (Member Ride)
  • Ride 2: Easier paced ride with start time generally 8:15 – 8:30 (Member Ride)
  • Ride 3: Traditional standard club ride with start time at 9:00 (Club Ride)

Note ride availability may vary according to time of year, weather and uptake.

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