6 Wheelers Support Local Fundraiser for Macmillan Cancer Research

A big thank you needs to be expressed to the 6, Woodmancote Wheelers who volunteered to support our local Greene King pub with their fundraiser.
Namely: Symon Tomlinson, David Cook, Rachael and Dan Frost, Tony Broad and Neil Hamill.
The brewery had organised a nationwide event in aid of Macmillan Cancer Research, over the weekend of 30th Sept – 2nd Oct.
Each of their chosen 80 pubs had a target of riding 360 miles, or an 80th of the Around The World total mileage; not sure about their calculations, but hey!
Locals, staff and more than one cycle club were asked to contribute by accepting a half hour time slot per person on The Apple Tree’s own exercise bike.
Wheelers contributed to the available 6 slots on Sunday 2nd October and excelled themselves by riding a total of 91km in 3 hours – that’s 56 miles!
I can tell you, averaging 18.5 mph was no easy task on an 80’s exercise bike with flat pedals, a rickety frame and limited adjustments for resistance and saddle height.
Not to mention its location in the corner of the pub in front of fruit machines and their wide screen tv, continuously streaming the footie, with little more than a desk fan to keep you cool!
Having been told by Laura, “the most anyone had ridden in 30 minute over the weekend was 17km”, the intrepid Wheelers were psyched-up, we do love a challenge!
Or should I say Dan loves one, he managed to narrowly beat that bike record as did Tony who followed him, leaving a pool of sweat to mark their efforts.
Excellent work boys!
You will be interested to learn, I have just received totals from Laura who tells me the pub actually cycled 416 miles, well over their quota for the weekend.
More impressively they have “so far raised £940.00 for Macmillan Cancer Research and the donations are still coming in!”
A special mention to Digger, Elliott and Heidi who came up to support or should I say watch the footie and have a beer whilst others suffered!
I’d like to pass on the thanks which have been extended by Laura and the Apple Tree management for all those who contributed
Well Done Wheelers!
rachael dan
 tony neil

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